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Rules and Regulations

For general safety and convenience, all visitors must comply with these rules and regulations when attending Desucon. Security guards have the authority to eject any person who hasn’t paid the entrance fee or otherwise does not comply with these rules. In such a case no refund for the ticket will be given. Please also observe that Desucon Frostbite is restricted to people aged 18 and over, and there will be no refund should an underage person obtain a ticket to the event.

Desucon is a drug and alcohol free event. It is not allowed to bring alcohol or illegal drugs to the venue. Visibly intoxicated persons will not be allowed to enter. According to the Finnish law, carrying firearms and edged weapons, or detailed and real looking replicas of such in public is prohibited. This applies to Desucon as well. Weapons made of wood, cardboard, plastic or styrofoam are allowed, and so are wooden training swords such as shinai and bokken. However, unsharpened swords and knives made of metal, and deactivated firearms are not. Airsoft guns are fine as long as they are clearly part of your costume. In addition, their barrels must be obstructed in case of stray pellets left in the mechanism. Large cosplay props need to be left in the cloakroom, and you must be extra careful when moving around with them.

We encourage common sense with what is considered ”a detailed or real looking replica”. Likewise, you might want to think carefully how clever it is to swing even your not-so-real looking axe around in public. All replica weapons are inspected at the entrance and labeled with red tape. Any weapons spotted inside the venue without red tape on them will be taken away for checking.

Blocking passages is forbidden. This means that all kinds of parades and kissing games should take place outside. Staircases are not places to sit. Do not pose for the camera in the middle of a crowd because it effectively disturbs everybody else. The Forest Hall is a good place for taking photos, and you can have a photographer take a picture of your cosplay near the cafeteria. Those who repeatedly cause blockages by taking pictures in wrong places will be removed from the event. Alternatively, they can hand over their cameras to assure that no such offences will happen again.

Harassment of any kind towards the workforce or visitors will not be tolerated and may result in removal from premises and voiding of ticket.

Please keep your voice down and behave yourself at night, and let the others sleep regardless of where you’re staying. It is not allowed to sleep in Sibelius Hall so we recommend getting to know what options for accommodation you have in Lahti.

If you have any questions regarding our rules and regulations, please contact us at