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Program Types

What kind of programs does Desucon have?

Desucon has three types of main content: presentations, lectures and panels. In addition Desucon has workshops, discussion circles and meets.

1. Presentation

Presentations are informative in-depth takes on a given subject, with sources and a well-made structure. To make a good presentation you need a subject, sources on the given subject and some research time. You can't go too abstract or in-depth, but your basic listener can be presumed to know atleast the basics of your subject.

2. Lecture

Lectures are a more subjective take on something. You aren't so much handing out information on a subject as giving it your two cents, a subjective point of view or pondering on something even you might not be sure at. A lecture is more about broadening horizons and giving the listeners new ideas and points of view.

3. Panel

A panel is made out of three main points: panelists, questions and the panel itself. A good panel needs a well-made balance of all three. You need panelists that are experts or have an interesting or unique take on your subject, questions that will bring out the best of these panelists and a panel and a host to keep it all together.


Workshop is about you using your expertise to teach the participants someting - perhaps a new skill or a new application to one. In the past, Desucon has had workshops on everything from cookies to shibari, so feel free to go wild with your ideas!

Discussion circles and meets

These programs are about bringing together same-minded people, or people that are all interested on the same subject, to talk it out and meet each other in the process. These programs are more about free discussion and interaction.