Connecting the Conflicting Worlds - Reverse-engineering Yurikuma Arashi

  • Wataru "walterinsect" Yamazaki
Sunnuntai 15.00 – 16.30
  • Luento


Ikuhara Kunihiko has done a lot of cryptic, abstract, yet beautiful works starting with Sailor Moon. Yurikuma Arashi is perhaps the most cryptic of all, a series about divided world of humans and bears. In this lecture, the aim is to “bring the abstract down to actual” by substituting the real-life context within which Yurikuma was born out of. Ikuhara’s work always deals with issues that is recent and real at the time, and combines several together and abstracting it into a work. The lecture tries to reverse-engineer that process it in my own way and provide insight for understanding Sarazanmai.

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