Artists' Alley

Artists' Alley at the event

Desucon also has an Artists' Alley (Taidekuja) where all kinds of artists can sell their own merchandise to other con-goers. We've seen everything from original prints and self-mades, artwork, bookmarks, plushies, shirts, canvas bags... Anything you can think of can be sold here! There are different sellers on the Alley each day.

You're welcome to take a look!

Opening hours:

Lauantai (Saturday): 10-18
Sunnuntai (Sunday): 10-16


The application process starts at the 1st of October, 2022 and will be closed by the 22nd of October. Don't hesitate to apply to be a part of our Artists' Alley either on Saturday (30 euros / slot) or Sunday (15 euros / slot). You can apply for a slot with a friend or by yourself! We wish you include an online portofolio to your application. Please remember that a table slot doesn't include a ticket to the convention. 

Additional information for artists


Got any questions?
You can always contact the Artists' Alley Manager Tiia,