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Desucon has content programs that aim to entertain, teach or give new experiences. Our goal is to offer interesting and divers anime and manga related content again this winter, and we're therefore looking for more lecturers, content creators and panelists.

International Program

While all of our program this year is in Finnish, we do have some that can be enjoyed without understanding Finnish.
Unreality Choir
Main Hall, Saturday 10:30AM–11:30AM
Unreality is a mixed choir that sings fandom music. In this concert they focus on music from anime, with some pieces from Japanese video games. Please find the set list at the end of this blog post.
Cosplay Competition
Main Hall, Saturday 5:30PM–7:30PM
Experience some of the best cosplay in Finland in the European Cosplay Gathering preliminaries, solo competition and photoshoot competition.
AMV Competition
Main Hall, Saturday 8:00PM–10:00PM
Enjoy a selection of new Anime Music Videos (AMVs) our contestants have created specifically for this competition.
In addition, those understanding Japanese may find the performance our Guest of Honour Toshihiro Kawamoto (CEO, Bones) interesting. Japanese speech will be interpreted into Finnish, and unfortunately there will be no English translation.
Toshihiro Kawamoto's Keynote
Main Hall, Saturday 12:01PM–2:00PM
Toshihiro Kawamoto's QA Session
Main Hall, Sunday 10:30AM–11:59AM


Are you the person we're looking for?

If you have an idea of a program you would like to have at Desucon, tell us about it. All of our program creators get free entrance to the event and spectacular workforce benefits to top that off. If you have an idea, contact our Content Coordinator at

All emails will be answered. If you don't get an answer in two days, we suggest you send the mail again, from another address if possible. It's always possible your mail has been filtered as trash or been lost on the way.

Nighttime fun?

Are you one of those people who think congoers go to bed way too early? Do you feel that the con nightlife could really use some spicing up? Well, here's your chance! Give the night-owls the program they deserve in the dark wee hours of the night. The best thing about nighttime programs are that it's the perfect time to go wild - nighttime programs are there to give the sleepless entertainment, not to necessarily be deep and thoughtful analysis.

If you've always wanted to hold an obscure quiz, shout from on the soap box about your favorite character or do something of the sort in the dark of the night for an audience, here is your chance. You're allowed to have fun in the night, too!

If this gave you ideas, contact our Content Coordinator at with your ideas, and we'll see where they end up.