No Longer Human, The Uniqueness of Japanese literature and Anime

  • Anni
Lauantai 19.00 – 19.45
  • Luento


Ozamu Dazai wrote "No Longer Human" (人間失格) over 70 years ago and it has been a celebrated book in classical literature. The anime "Aoi Bungaku" made short installments of literature classics, including three episodes of "No Longer Human". Both of these pieces have managed to stay controversial, sensitive, and touching to this day. Suicide, despair and pressure from society are all something that still touch our hearts with great sadness, making the story timeless and incomparable. For this reason we are taking the time to examine these pieces, learning about their origin and how they are remarkable. You do not need to read the book or watch the anime to attend this lecture. The presentation will mention the topics of suicide, double suicide, violence, mental health issues, sexual assault and other taboo topics central to the book. There would be no point in talking about these works by avoiding these, so we expect listeners to respect these difficult topics with graceful behavior.

Anna palautetta