A comparison of Estonian and Finnish con scenes - Is grass greener on the other side?

  • Helina Ravasoo
Lauantai 16.00 – 17.15
  • Luento


In 2012 one Estonian girl went to her first convention, Chibicon 2012 in Helsinki, the same year she visited Desucon and Animatsuri in Tartu, Estonia. She liked these events so much that she then almost always went to every anime convention Estonia had to offer and then a bunch of Finnish ones (Desucon, Tracon, Yukicon, Aicon, Hypecon, Kibecon, Shumicon, Popcult etc etc) and eventually she even started organizing events in Estonia, but still somehow it often felt that even as things changed, the Finnish were still doing many things better... So... What do Finnish cons do better than Estonian ones? What do Estonians do better? What to expect of Estonian conventions? Which ones to go to and which one to pass on? How have our respective con scenes changed over the years?

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