What age is the most dangerous to be a child in anime?

  • Käthy "Phoenix" Rannaste
Sunnuntai 10.30 – 11.15
  • Luento


Have you watched Bokurano, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, or even Pokemon? Have you noticed that kids are often forced to fight, suffer, or even die? If you are a teen, you will isekai painfully into an equally painful new world. But if you are already an adult, you isekai away from your strenuous job into a romcom or cooking anime. So let us look into what age is the most likely to suffer injuries, where are all the responsible adults, and whether there's a difference in what dangers toddlers face compared to school kids. I'll be limiting the character pool to main characters instead of all child characters. The presentation will be held in English. Ohjelma on englanniksi koska suomen kieli on hydrauliprässi ja minä pieni tölkki.

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